Chalk & Board is the Smarter Way to Get Your CFA® Charter and is changing the CFA® Program Test Prep Industry, worldwide. Chalk & Board is a privately held company solely focused on preparing candidates for the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam and uniquely positioned to support a candidate’s journey through Level I, Level II, and Level III.

Using The Ronen Methodology, our courses are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality learning experience to best position our candidates to become Charterholders.


Tens-of-thousands of candidates for all levels of the CFA® Program Exam,  have trusted Nathan to help them secure their charter.

Pioneered the Feedback on Your Essay Writing Workshop in 1998, where he personally grades your Level III Essays.

Nathan’s unique & highly engaging teaching style instills candidates with confidence to be fully prepared & successful on exam day.

Nathan is invested in your success and responds promptly and directly to your questions.


No pre-made PowerPoint presentations so you ‘Master the Concepts, Don’t Memorize!’

Time-tested strategies and insights based on Nathan’s 23 years of CFA exam teaching experience.

Highly structured approach to synthesize the volume of complex material.

Flexible with the CFA® Program Curriculum books or any prep material in the Industry.


Having Nathan as an instructor is like having a compass during a stormy journey. The guidance and strategies Nathan taught throughout his curriculum proved to be invaluable on the exam day. Even if there is no magic formula to passing the CFA exams, Nathan's approach will help you develop a study routine critical to success. His teaching style is not only insightful but also fun and engaging, and none of that stuff is supposed to be fun especially on a Friday evening after a long work week. Nathan was very responsive and timely with feedback when I reached out with specific questions. Most importantly, his approach kept me honest throughout my prep period so on the exam day I felt as prepared and confident as I could be.

Nathan's course for the CFA Level III exam comes highly recommended. I credit his teaching for passing this exam. Four reasons why Nathan’s teaching stood out and was extremely helpful to me: (1) Highlighting key topics to focus on and highly testable "lists" to place on index cards - this helps "separate the forest from the trees"; (2) Time management on the challenging essay section - Nathan uses essay questions throughout and helps candidates understand how to answer the essays the way the graders expect; (3) Significant focus on how to tackle the challenging IPS questions - Nathan did a stellar job in preparing me for these types of issues; and (4) Nathan is available to go over questions via phone - I was impressed with Nathan's quick turnaround when I had a question. He was always willing to go the extra mile to assist.

With the benefit of Nathan's familiarity and experience with the essays, I quickly became comfortable with [what first appeared to be] a very subjective portion of the exam. Nathan instructed the CFA Level III Prep Class and I would highly recommend his instruction to others. While a simple time management task, I strictly followed Nathan's study timeline which included target dates for when to be finished with various sections of the testing materials. This kept me on track, allowing for proper focus and structure needed on the essay portion of the exam. Nathan was extremely accessible to answer questions which was of the utmost importance in the final days of test prep.

I highly recommend Nathan for anyone serious about passing the CFA Exam. I enrolled in Nathan's Digitally Recorded Classes for Level II, Level III, and the Essay Strategy. Nathan's deep understanding of the material helped me to avoid common mistakes candidates make at each level and helped me to pass this tough exam. Nathan's study guide was invaluable in the last two months before the exam.

Chalk and Board on-demand videos deliver high-level teaching - the same level of instruction you would receive at a top university. I am a professor and I can tell the difference between first-rate teaching and something less. I immediately knew what I was getting from the Chalk & Board on-demand videos featuring Nathan Ronen, CFA. As I watched, it struck me that this was all of the same education that the top CFA candidates had received (those candidates who passed all three exams on their first try). Here was the opportunity for me to catch up with the necessary education that the top candidates had and I didn't. Watch the Chalk & Board on-demand videos with an open notebook, a pencil, and a CFA approved calculator.

Nathan has complete mastery of the subject matter. His CFA prep classes are the best preparation you can have for the CFA exams; the most obvious ROI you'll ever have. Nathan genuinely wants you to pass and will do everything he can to help you. I took Nathan's weekly CFA prep class via video and attended his in-person essay workshop. Two things set Nathan apart. First, you don't feel as if you are going through an academic exercise. You get real-world examples that make the material come alive. Second, is Nathan's no-nonsense approach to teaching. He is engaging through challenging material; a complete natural. Nathan's courses are the best preparation you can have for the CFA exams.

Nathan was the secret sauce that got me through the challenges of Levels II and III. Nathan teaches with exam success in mind. Nathan Ronen is simply the best instructor when it comes to CFA exam prep. He taught the key lesson that "operationalizing" the ability to critically think and answer case studies and essays is the key to CFA success. I recommend Nathan to anyone preparing for the CFA exams as the best investment you can make in passing. Not only is he an excellent teacher, he is a lot of fun. Laughs punctuate his courses and keeps the material engaging and everyone on point.

Liliana Diaconu, CFA
Andrew Rosen, CFA
Seth Stammler, CFA
Mohammed Al-Alwan, CFA
Kevin Balsam, CFA
Jay Jarrett, CFA
Nicholas Godec, CFA

Liliana Diaconu, CFA

Assistant Vice President at DWS New York, NY

Andrew Rosen, CFA

The Mahoney Group of Raymond James Armonk, NY

Seth Stammler, CFA, CFP

Financial Advisor at Forum Financial Management, LP New York, NY

Mohammed Al-Alwan, CFA

Managing Director at AlRajhi Alpha, Saudi Arabia

Kevin Balsam, CFA, Ph.D. (Economics)

Analytical Professional, New York, NY

Jay Jarrett, CFA, CPA

Private Equity at ERP Systems, Pelham, AL

Nicholas Godec, CFA CIPM

Product Management Associate Director - Indices at IHS Markit

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