"I took a CFA Level I course with Nathan several years ago and sought him out when deciding I was going to sit for Level II. Nathan has a talent for breaking down complex topics into pragmatic and memorable formats that his students can easily apply to the CFA exam. Another important aspect of Nathan’s interactions with students is his availability to answer questions and true interest in his students’ pass rate. Personally, I greatly benefitted from having Nathan as an instructor and comfortably passed the Level I exam. I attribute my success on the Level I exam to Nathan’s teaching methods, and I am thrilled that he has started Chalk & Board. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for a very talented CFA instructor or advisor."

"Nathan is truly the best instructor for all levels of the CFA exam. His method of teaching is really unique and essential when it comes to synthesizing the volumes of material in the CFA Program curriculum. There are no pre-made PowerPoint presentations—he works through the material logically, bringing in examples to illustrate concepts as he goes along, which is much more effective. He focuses students on the most important points in the material that are necessary to pass the exam and has an incredible ability to connect topics throughout the curriculum that seem unrelated or overly complicated, preventing students from focusing on the minutiae . . . and he’s pretty funny at the same time! He made class enjoyable to sit through, despite the sometimes (often) dry content. I can’t recommend Nathan, his teaching style and his classes enough—there’s really no other option when it comes to preparing for the CFA Program exam. (I’ve taken the “condensed” and weeknight classes, as well as the essay workshop—each of which were key factors in me passing the exams)."

“Nathan Ronen is a great teacher to me. His passion for teaching, his energy, his extensive knowledge of the CFA curriculum, his practical industry experience, and the level of care he has for all his students make him one of the best CFA prep instructors. I was fortunate to have Nathan as my teacher for all three levels of the CFA exam. I was always impressed by his teaching style and classroom management skills. He is very engaging and able to hold students' attention in all discussions, which is very hard to do, especially when he has to teach dry and complicated topics. I enjoyed Nathan’s classes very much; he has an incredible ability to translate difficult concepts to plain English and connect to real-life examples, he is organized and has clear objectives for each lesson, and he has a great sense of humor. As a result, three and a half hours of class each week with Nathan after a long day of work didn't seem like a lot to me; rather, it went by so quickly. Nathan’s teaching ability seems to come naturally, and he has a wonderful rapport with students. I appreciated Nathan’s honesty, as he communicated clearly to all of us what level of commitment we needed to have in order to undertake the challenges of the CFA program.  He is so relatable and humble, as he shared with us his own CFA journey at many points during the program. He understands that many candidates like myself have to work and study at the same time; therefore, he put so much effort into designing his courses and organizing the material in a way that is most effective and efficient.  Chalk & Board’s slogan is the best way I can think of to summarize my experience in taking Nathan’s classes: “The smarter way to get your CFA Charter.””

"Nathan is a charismatic instructor that was instrumental in completing the CFA program. I took Nathan's course for Level 3, along with his writing workshop class. His willingness to grade candidate's essays in his class and show them where they are missing the mark was invaluable and eye opening. I always recommend Nathan and his classes to candidates that are studying for the CFA charter. His courses give you an invaluable edge over peers."

“I took Nathan's CFA Level 3 weekly course (live) and subsequently passed the exam without a problem. Nathan went over the difficult parts of the material and had us practice essays each week. He motivated us to study hard, take as many practice tests as possible, and gave us very good strategies on how to study effectively. In addition, he was always very available to answer any questions outside of the classroom - one time he even called me on my cellphone on a Friday night within a few hours of me emailing him. I hadn't taken any courses for the first 2 levels, but for Level 3 I felt like it was worth it to not take any chances, and my decision to take his course helped tremendously. By test day I felt so prepared that in the last 2-3 days I didn't really have to prepare any more and was able to come to the exam with confidence and poise, a very good feeling. I highly recommend his courses.”

“Nathan taught me the skills and information necessary to pass Levels 1 - 3 of the CFA Program. He has extensive knowledge of the topics tested and provides students with the opportunity to practice their skills in class. Nathan had a positive impact on my performance during the CFA Exams. He is a wonderful teacher and would be a great hire for anyone looking to become a CFA Charterholder.”

“I had the privilege of having Nathan serve as my CFA Level II and Level III prep course instructor. I will always remember his nonpareil dedication to his students and mastery of the subject matter. He approached every session with the utmost level of professionalism, passion and enthusiasm. I owe a large part of my success in obtaining the CFA to Nathan's tremendous teaching abilities.”

“Nathan transforms what is unquestionably intricate and dry material into holistically developed concepts, through a carefully crafted step-by-step approach seasoned with witty anecdotes, that make concepts memorable and retrievable on exam day. You'll still need to work intensely on your own, but, if a concept isn't gelling, Nathan goes the extra step to make sure that each student seeking help receives the necessary reinforcement. I would not have my charter today without him.”

“The best decision I made after failing my first attempt at Level III was to sign up for Nathan's class my colleague recommended (who also took Nathan's class and passed Level III on her first attempt). I found the essay example exercises used during the class very helpful. His add-on essay writing workshop brought home those essay examples covered during the class. The recorded video allowed me to fit my study routine into my work schedule. I wish I had known about Nathan's class when I first started Level I!”

“With the large breadth and depth of the CFA Program curriculum, I found Nathan’s CFA Level II & III review course an invaluable tool in preparing for the exams. I think you would be hard pressed to find another instructor with his high energy, experience, and dedication to candidates. I would highly recommend Nathan’s course to any candidate enrolled in the CFA Program.”

“Formerly majored in pharmacology and molecular biology, I decided to try Nathan's CFA program for my new endeavors to succeed in an entirely different arena - financial industry. His in-depth knowledge, clear instruction, and patient response to questions greatly helped me pass series of this rigorous tests in a row. What's more, I really enjoy and relish his lecturing style: it's not only about conveying the knowledge, but also the elegant and masterful way to do so. I realize and sincerely appreciate that what I learned from Nathan is more than finance, but the presentation skill set too. I highly recommend Nathan for anyone sets out to achieve the CFA certificate.”

“I highly recommend Nathan CFA weekly classes. I have taken level II, III video classes and the essay strategy class. You can easily lose focus of what you need to master in CFAI books and this is where Nathan weekly classes can help you. Nathan deep understanding of the materials and the common mistakes candidates make at each level was of great help in passing this tough exam. Nathan guidance on when to start studying and how to prepare for the last two month before the exam were invaluable to me. I recommend Nathan for any one serious about passing CFA exam.”

“I had left a recommendation when I was a level 3 candidate and would like to follow with my recommendation. I have passed level 3 with flying colors because of the Nathan class and workshop. I would say that workshop was essential for me and it showed my weaknesses and prepared for the time management. I finished almost all exam in 3 hours and missed 2 three point questions. As I felt that many candidates fail because of the inadequate time management and that's why I would highly recommend Nathan and his classes.”

“Nathan was my instructor for levels 1, 2 and 3. He has always been extremely professional. In my opinion, he is the best CFA instructor in NYC and possibly the world. I am not being hyperbolic. He take mundane subject matter and makes it come alive. He is always animated and makes you stay engaged. His exam writing seminars I feel are mandatory. I would never have passed Level 3 without them. I feel blessed that I found his course. I would have never passed the CFA without him.”

“I decided to take Nathan's class for the CFA Level 3 exam, and I'm surely glad I did! His teaching and guidance went above and beyond, and his insight into the exam helped give me the knowledge and confidence to pass the exam with solid colors. I'd highly recommend Nathan's class for all levels, and especially for the final boss!”

“Nathan's instruction was essential to me passing all three levels of the CFA exams. Nathan's is a fantastic instructor that helped me synthesize, prioritize, and summarize vast amounts of curriculum information. He was difference I needed to get me over the finish line. The two most important factors for me were the video recorded classes and the essay classes. The most valuable insight of Nathan's exam strategy is taking enough practice exams. Aside from being a wonderful instructor, he is a very empathetic person, and understands what a candidate goes through. Taking Nathan's classes for all three levels of the CFA program made all the difference to me. I would strongly recommend Nathan for all levels of the CFA program.”

“I took Nathan’s course for CFA levels 2 & 3, and his instruction was tantamount to my passing the exams on the first try. Not only has Nathan mastered the material and how to teach it, but his understanding of how the exam is structured and on which topics to focus attention made studying infinitely more effective. I cannot recommend this course highly enough to anyone who is taking on the challenging CFA program. Thank you Nathan, for helping me to earn the coveted 3 letters!”

“I took CFA level II and level III course including the essay writing workshop for level III. Nathan has a very honest and efficient way of teaching. I can highly recommend his courses even if you can't physically attend it, the videos are even better as you can stop when you need a minute to digest what he just taught you.”

“I attended Nathan's class for CFA level III exam preparation. Nathan not only covered the material in a efficient and understandable manner, he also provided tips that were essential in taking the level III exam. The hands-on practices during the lecture is a effective tool to ensure a candidate to be fully prepared of what the CFA institute is looking for. I strongly recommend Nathan as a Instructor for the CFA Exam.”

“I strongly recommend anyone pursuing the CFA designation take Nathan's class. His essay writing workshop was a key factor in my success passing the level 3 exam. He is dedicated to helping his students understand the expectation so they can excel on the exam and even took time outside of the class to address one off questions. If you are struggling with essay writing the class is a must.”

"After failing Level II, a colleague suggested I take Nathan's class online. Following year passed with >70% in all sections but one. Really impressed with the vast improvement in result even though exiting the exam I felt the same. I took another society's prep class and it didn't compare, really owe it to Nathan!"

"I attended Nathan's CFA level 3 review class this year and would highly recommended him. Nathan is an extremely effective instructor. He has a very good system of how to approach the study materials and he is willing to share his strategy and tips in the class. What I like about him is that he does not try to short cut things but rather to help people to understand the key points. I went to his class once a week and it kept me disciplined myself to keep going. The recorded videos were also great tools. He was able to make me understand what are the fundamentals so I could focus on areas that I was weak at. He is motivating and helpful. For the money spent, I am very happy with his product!"

"I took Nathan's classes for the CFA level II and III exams. I was always very impressed with Nathan's professionalism, dedication to the CFA curriculum and the attention he gave each student. I found his teaching style very unique and efficient in terms of the material he was covering during each session. He focused our attention on the right financial concepts and problems and made sure everyone understood them well. I would not have attempted studying for this exam on my own because of the amount of material that needs to be covered, the complexity of the problems and the time-consuming nature of the preparation process itself to complete the CFA program. I highly recommend Nathan's classes to everyone who is interested to learn more about advanced financial concepts, master the understanding of capital markets and how different areas of finance are interconnected. His classes gave me a holistic view and understanding of the most important concepts in finance in the most efficient way possible. I admire this instructor very much and consider him one of the most talented teachers I have ever had a pleasure to work with. Additionally, his sense of humor makes each class a lot of fun, keeps you motivated and wanting to learn more after each session."

Raena Bishop

Marfa Advisors, Product Manager, Business Development, Investor Relations

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MBA Candidate at the Wharton School

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Senior Project Manager at APTIM

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EM Corporate Bonds Strategist

Charles Little, Jr., CFA

Junior Investment Analyst

Young Lee, JD CFA

Global General Counsel at MacKay Shields

Jonathan Gelb

Health Care Analyst at Alpine Woods Capital Investors

Tak Hayakawa, CFA

Technical Account Manager at Bloomberg LP

Tom Zalewski, CFA

Senior at EY

Naixian (Nancy) Zhang, CFA

Index Strategist

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Asset Management Analyst

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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Equity Market Specialist at Bloomberg

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Junior Accountant at Consolidated Edison of New York

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Institutional Investment Specialist at U.S. Trust

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Senior Investment Analyst at Zurich Insurance Group

Justin Wang

Portfolio Analyst, Strategy and Research at Guggenheim Partners

Danielle Kloeblen, CFA

Director Corporate Finance

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Portfolio Manager at City National Bank

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Assistant Vice President at Barclays

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Consultant at Pegasus Management

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