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Welcome to Chalk & Board: The Smarter Way to Get Your CFA® Charter


Chalk & Board is a boutique company solely focused on Chartered Financial Analyst exam preparation. Our tried-and-tested courses provide the highest quality learning experience, ensuring that CFA Program candidates are best positioned to acquire their designation. To date, our method has helped thousands of candidates become Charterholders. 



The Ronen Methodology, “Master the concepts—don’t memorize,” is transforming the CFA test-prep landscape. The philosophy developed by O. Nathan Ronen, CFA and cofounder of Chalk & Board, eliminates the use of PowerPoint slides and scripted presentations. Nathan’s unique approach to the CFA® material, at all levels, allows candidates to absorb and truly understand each topic—not just memorize it. The “secret recipe” behind the Ronen Methodology is Nathan’s knowledge about:

  1. The curriculum content
  2. The CFA exams
  3. Best practices and best approach for taking the exam—what works and what does not


The methodology was crafted over his long tenure (23+ years) teaching the program at all three levels, which serves as an invaluable tool to candidates who are serious about passing the CFA® exam on the first attempt. Using the Ronen Methodology, candidates learn to laser-focus their attention on the most important topics of the study sessions at any level. Nathan’s classes not only reinforce understanding the material, but also apply his insight, tips and useful strategies in approaching multiple-choice questions at Level I, item sets at Level II and essays at Level III.


Nathan has an engaging and effective communication style. He maximizes each candidate’s time without getting caught up in the minutiae of the curriculum or the ego battles of mastering the entire course load. To navigate the different structures of the three exams, the Ronen Methodology helps candidates “see the forest through the trees” by viewing the content holistically and integrating concepts across multiple disciplines. With the tools and knowledge Nathan instills, candidates are best positioned to succeed on exam day.


At Chalk & Board, through the Ronen Methodology, we are changing the CFA® prep game.





Chalk & Board has candidates across the globe, following the Ronen Methodology and Nathan’s program to prepare for CFA® exams. Although live classes and workshops are based in NYC, these sessions are digitally recorded and made available to candidates for convenient anytime, anywhere viewing. Additional live classes can be arranged in other cities based on demand.



Chalk & Board is book-provider agnostic. Candidates can easily follow Nathan’s lectures using their CFA® curriculum books and/or any third-party provider’s materials.



Through a rich portfolio of educational services customized and targeted for Level I, Level II and Level III candidates, Chalk & Board is setting the standard of excellence for CFA® Program examination preparation. The comprehensive suite of class offerings puts Chalk & Board in a unique position to support the candidate’s CFA® charter journey from start to finish.



Weekly Live Classes (16 sessions; 3 hours per session): Provide Level I through Level III candidates a structured classroom setting for live learning and instructor interaction. Classes are held in NYC but can be scheduled globally.

Digital Recordings of Weekly Live Classes (16 sessions; 3 hours per session): Provide Level I through Level III candidates the content lectures for anytime, anywhere viewing. Candidates learn based on their schedule and convenience. Content can be reviewed multiple times until exam day.

Workshops: Additional classes are offered as a supplement to the mainstream classes for focused area learning on challenging topics across all three levels. For example, a Level III essay-writing workshop takes candidates through 20 essays, each timed and submitted. Nathan grades each essay and provides concise constructive commentary. Most workshops are recorded and available for purchase worldwide.

Webinars: Provide candidates the ability to view and participate in classes in real time. Webinars are normally associated with workshops.

Access to Nathan: Candidates have 24/7 access to Nathan for questions and answers. In most cases, responses are made by phone. This ensures direct contact with Nathan, so all follow-up questions and candidate concerns are addressed. Nathan’s phone number and email address are available on the Chalk&Board website.


All of these services provide a state-of-the-art learning experience with a personal touch for CFA® Program exam preparation.



Our competitive advantage lies with our industry-renowned instructor who brings instant credibility based on his real-world experiences, years of teaching and unique style for content delivery: Professor Nathan Ronen.


Nathan has 23+ years of experience teaching Levels I, II and III CFA®Program courses, helping thousands of candidates around the world achieve their goal: the coveted CFA®designation. The Ronen Methodology is a tried and true approach to best position the candidate for success at each level.




Here is what our students have to say about the Ronen Methodology:


Nathan is truly the best instructor for all levels of the CFA exam. His method of teaching is really unique and essential when it comes to synthesizing the volumes of material in the CFA Program curriculum. There are no pre-made PowerPoint presentations—he works through the material logically, bringing in examples to illustrate concepts as he goes along, which is much more effective.


He focuses students on the most important points in the material that are necessary to pass the exam and has an incredible ability to connect topics throughout the curriculum that seem unrelated or overly complicated, preventing students from focusing on the minutiae . . . and he’s pretty funny at the same time! He made class enjoyable to sit through, despite the sometimes (often) dry content. I can’t recommend Nathan, his teaching style and his classes enough—there’s really no other option when it comes to preparing for the CFA Program exam. (I’ve taken the “condensed” and weeknight classes, as well as the essay workshop—each of which were key factors in me passing the exams).


         — Nancy Hilliker, CFA/MBA Candidate at the Wharton School



I took a CFA Level I course with Nathan several years ago and sought him out when deciding I was going to sit for Level II. Nathan has a talent for breaking down complex topics into pragmatic and memorable formats that his students can easily apply to the CFA exam. Another important aspect of Nathan’s interactions with students is his availability to answer questions and true interest in his students’ pass rate. Personally, I greatly benefitted from having Nathan as an instructor and comfortably passed the Level I exam. I attribute my success on the Level I exam to Nathan’s teaching methods, and I am thrilled that he has started Chalk & Board. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone looking for a very talented CFA instructor or advisor.


         — Raena Bishop, Marfa Advisors, Product Manager, Business Development, Investor Relations




CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals. CFA Institute sets the education and the measurement for excellence in the financial industry. The CFA® Program provides a foundation for advanced investment knowledge balanced with real-world portfolio management skills. Although the program is especially valuable for people in finance (e.g., portfolio managers, financial analysts and fund/money managers), it is also being pursued by people working in other sectors such as technology and education. The certification, known as a designation, is becoming the de facto standard for career development for financial positions and requires passing three levels of intense examinations.


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