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Chalk & Board is the Smarter Way to Get Your CFA® Charter and is changing the CFA® Test Prep Industry, worldwide. Chalk & Board is a privately held company solely focused on preparing candidates for the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam and uniquely positioned to support a candidate’s journey through Level I, Level II, and Level III.

Using The Ronen Methodology, our courses are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality learning experience to best position our candidates to become Charterholders.


    • Master the Concepts: The Ronen Methodology eliminates the candidate’s need to rely on PowerPoint slides and scripted presentations, enabling them to focus on understanding the CFA curriculum and applying their knowledge to exam-type questions.


    •  Navigate the Curriculum: The Methodology is a structured approach to synthesize the volume of curriculum material, so candidates can apply their learning to solve Essays at Level III, Item Sets at Level II, or Multiple Choice Questions at Level I, all under simulated exam conditions.


    • Experience and Insights: Nathan shares continuous insights, time-tested strategies, and tips based on his 23 years of CFA exam teaching, mastery of the curriculum material, and understanding of the exam structure, so candidates are armed and ready to tackle the exam.


    • Versatility: The Ronen Methodology‘s flexibility allows candidates to follow Nathan’s lectures using the CFA® curriculum books or any third-party provider’s materials.


    • Superior Teaching Style: Nathan’s approachable personality, ability to take dry content and make it fun while instilling confidence to his candidates, is what separates the Chalk & Board program from their competitors.


Chalk & Board provides educational services customized and targeted for CFA® Level I, Level II, and Level III candidates around the globe. Chalk & Board’s comprehensive CFA® Test Preparation Program includes: Free Lectures Live Weekly Lectures Digitally Recorded Lectures Live Workshops Webinars Mock Exams Small Corporate Classes & Private Tutoring

Free Lectures: FREE recorded lectures featuring Nathan Ronen, CFA are an introduction to Chalk & Board’s approach for Level I, Level II, and Level III CFA ® Exam preparation. Candidates experience the proven Ronen Methodology that is changing the Test Prep Industry worldwide.

Live Weekly Lectures: Provide Level I, Level II and Level III candidates a structured setting for live learning and instructor interaction. Lectures are held in NYC and can be scheduled globally.

Digitally Recorded Lectures: Provide Level I, Level II, and Level III candidates the recorded lectures (same content as the Live Weekly Lectures) for anytime, anywhere viewing. Candidates learn based on their schedule and convenience. Content can be reviewed multiple times until exam day.

Live Workshops: Additional one-day classes for Level I, Level II, and Level III are a supplement to the weekly lectures for focused area learning on challenging topics across all three levels (i.e., Nathan personally grades and provides feedback for Level III Essays).

Webinars: Provide candidates the ability to view and participate in live one-day workshops or seminars.

Mock Exams: Mock Exams are tests created by Nathan Ronen to simulate the real CFA exam. The Mock Exam is self-administered by the candidate.

Access to Nathan Ronen, CFA: All candidates enrolled in the Live Weekly Lectures or Digitally Recorded Lectures have direct access to Nathan for questions and answers. In most cases, responses are made by phone or email.

Small Corporate Classes & Private Tutoring: Customized classes or workshops for corporate training or individual private tutoring are available upon request.

Who’s Who @ Chalk & Board


Head of Education, CFA Lead Instructor
Chalk & Board Co-Founder

Chalk & Board’s competitive advantage lies with our industry-renowned instructor, Nathan Ronen, who brings instant credibility based on his real-world experiences, years of teaching, and unique style for content delivery.

Nathan began his career in world-class organizations such as New York Life, FINRA, and Salomon Brothers where he was groomed and gained real-world experience in finance and accounting.

He soon realized his passion for education, teaching finance and other investment-related subjects in the MBA program at Johns Hopkins University and Strayer College. He achieved his CFA designation in 1996 and shortly after established himself as the Lead CFA Program Instructor, teaching levels I, II, and III at Stalla Seminars, CFA Society New York (NYSSA), and Kaplan-Schweser.

Throughout his 23 years as Lead CFA instructor, Nathan developed the Ronen Methodology which has helped tens-of-thousands of candidates around the world, achieve the coveted CFA® designation. Nathan holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in finance and accounting.

Contact Nathan Ronen, CFA directly at: +1 (973) 493-1371.


Head of Strategic Business Planning & IT Strategy
Chalk & Board Co-Founder

John brings 25 years of experience in Global Technology Leadership, honed in world-class financial and life sciences verticals, where he held key leadership roles in management, finance, and strategic planning, at JPMorgan, Johnson & Johnson, and MarkitSERV.

John leverages his career success in strategic planning, vision, and management to ensure timely and precise execution of Chalk & Board’s priorities and services.

John holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University and is an active member of (SIM), Society of Information Management in New Jersey.

Contact John Sestito directly +1 (732) 759-5330

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