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2023 Level III Courses
Your CFA preparation starts here

Please see our Level III 2024 courses.

The Ronen Methodology is the strategic plan for passing your exam.

You will receive a comprehensive preparation program when you join Nathan’s Core Curriculum Course. The on-demand lessons are never dull because Nathan connects the dots and distills the material to help you understand the salient points, not memorize them.

Tightly integrated with Nathan’s Core Curriculum is his personalized service model. You and Nathan will work collaboratively to design a customized study plan based on your exam date, resolve curriculum questions, track your study progress with Nathan’s quick check-ins, and gain access to Nathan’s Secret Sauce of “Must-Knows.”

All of our Mock Exams & Workshops build off the content presented in the Core Curriculum Course. Sessions are offered on varying days to provide the greatest flexibility for your schedule and support your test date window.

Mock Exams & Workshops are one-day intensive sessions that simulate the actual test environment and hone your skills for the most challenging parts of the exam.

Be the next success story
Charles Stanton
«Nathan's Feedback on Your Mock Essays is like Exam Day on Steroids!»
Charles Stanton
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