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30 Jun


June 30, 2018



This session will be recorded and posted so registered candidates outside of the NYC can participate.


Nathan Ronen, CFA pioneered the Item Set Workshop in 2008.  He witnessed many CFA candidates struggling with the Level II program on two fronts: 1) mastering the concepts in the curriculum; and 2) applying the concepts to answer items sets that require a more complex approach than the multiple-choice questions at Level I.  Nathan’s objective was to create a one-day CFA course in which he would help candidates apply the concepts they learned in the curriculum to complete the item sets in a timely and efficient manner. Using the Ronen Methodology candidates will learn to isolate the second-best answer from the best answer which is many times the key to success on the exam.  Teaching candidates how to address an item set by relying more on analysis than regurgitating formulae along with managing their time helps ensure candidates better succeed on exam day.  The first one-day workshop had only 50 CFA candidates, and most recently the workshop grew to over 200. In 2018, one live session is being offered.  


Workshop Agenda

  • During this one-day intensive workshop candidates will be given 20 unique CFA type item sets (10 in the morning session and 10 in the afternoon session) covering topics in the CFA Level II program (i.e., Ethics, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Economics, Quantitative Methods, Portfolio Management, Equity, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Alternative Investments and Corporate Finance)
  • Item sets will be timed and answered one at a time, reviewed and answers explained so that candidates understand why the correct answer is correct and why the other choices are incorrect.
  • Candidates will receive a formal answer key with explanations and associated LOSs at the end of the workshop


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Date: June 30, 2018
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