CFA® Level III Courses
Exam Preparation

Core Curriculum

Your CFA preparation journey begins here with unlimited access to 50+ hours of on-demand learning that rigorously cover the ten CFA program areas. In this comprehensive program, Nathan distills the complex content to its salient points and connects the dots between topics. Our candidates are taught to master the concepts, not memorize them as they are required to do in answering questions on exam day. Throughout the sessions, Nathan rigorously tests your knowledge by applying lessons learned to exam-type problems.

Tightly integrated with Nathan’s Core Curriculum is his personalized service model. Immediately after registration, you and Nathan will work collaboratively to design a customized study plan to map out success.  Nathan follows up on your study plan through bi-weekly email check-points to track progress against milestones. Throughout your preparation you will receive on-going instructional support with direct access to Nathan via phone, email, text, FaceTime, or Zoom to resolve questions quickly.

Lastly, you get access to Nathan’s secret sauce, his coveted “Must know List” to supercharge your exam notes.


Level III Core Curriculum – 2023

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