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Chalk & Board candidates have direct support from Lead Instructor, Nathan Ronen, CFA for their course, content, and exam-related questions. Contact Nathan by phone, text, Facetime, or WhatsApp using the phone number below.

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Supplemental Exam Preparation Service

(Exclusively for non Chalk & Board CFA candidates)

Our Passport service is available exclusively to non Chalk & Board CFA exam Level I, II, and III candidates who are preparing independently or using another exam preparation service but require additional assistance to get answers to their questions at the depth needed to fully grasp the concepts. This supplemental learning service provides subscribed candidates with access to Nathan Ronen via “Office Hours” webinar sessions where they can receive in-depth explanations and resolve confusion around the exam material they are studying. A Passport remains in effect until the subscriber passes the exam(s) pertinent to his/her Passport subscription.

Passport Subscription Options

Choose the Passport for your upcoming exam level or choose the Lifetime Passport to gain access to all levels. Passports remain active until you pass your exam or all three exams in the case of the Lifetime Passport (see Terms & Conditions below).


Office Hours

  • Office Hours sessions are held on the second and fourth Saturday of each month and run for two hours each
  • Dates: Sep 28, 2019 – May 23, 2020
  • Time: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm


  • Sessions are live webinars
  • The agenda for each session is determined by the questions and explanation requests previously submitted by the subscriber group
  • Sessions are recorded and next-day available as on-demand video

What’s Included

  • How to Study for the CFA Exam Video
  • Curriculum Study Plan
  • Exam “Must Know” List
  • $100 Discount for on-demand video lectures course or weekly live lectures course

Sample Passport Sessions

To get an idea of the quality and effectiveness of the Passport supplemental training service, check out the sample video extract below for the exam Level you’re interested in.

Passport Sample Level IDerivatives


Passport Sample Level IIEconomics

Currency Exchange Rates

Passport Sample Level IIIPortfolio Management

Performance Attribution


Passport is a supplemental CFA exam learning service in which service subscribers submit questions and explanation requests they would like addressed during Nathan’s “Office Hours” sessions.  Based on the content submitted by all subscribers, Nathan structures a session agenda to best address the needs of the subscriber group. The agenda is posted prior to the next scheduled Office Hours session and made available to the subscriber group. Sessions cover content across all exam levels and are time-boxed based on CFA level and the content submitted for that particular session. Passport sessions cover topics across exam Levels I, II, and III. Q&A will be allowed subject to agenda timing. Via their Passport subscriber page, session attendees will additionally be provided access to the following valuable learning tools:

  • Video | How to Study for the CFA Exam: Nathan discusses best study techniques and strategies for the CFA exam. Videos run from 60 – 90 minutes depending on the exam level being discussed. Videos will be available by late September.
  • Study Plan: Nathan publishes bi-weekly updates to let you know where you should be with your studies to ensure that you are on-track for exam success Updates are provided with respect to the CFA curriculum for the particular exam level. Updates for the December Level I exam begin in August and end in November and updates for the June exams begin in January and end in May.
  • Exam “Must Know” List: Nathan leverages his years of exam teaching expertise to deliver his coveted list of concepts and formulae that he knows are highly testable and thus provides the absolutely “must know” knowledge foundation for each curriculum topic. The Must Know list is published in mid February for the June exams and mid October for the Level I December exam.
  • Questions Submission Form: Subscribers can submit their questions and explanation requests directly to Nathan for possible inclusion in the next Office Hours session.
  • Video | Sessions Archive: Each Office Hours webinar session is recorded and the videos are subsequently made available via the sessions archive.

Passport members are additionally entitled to purchase Chalk & Board’s on-demand video lectures course or weekly live lectures course for their subscription exam level(s) at a $100 discount off the regular price.

  • Limitations: The Passport service is a supplemental group learning service and is not a substitute for individual personal tutoring or meant as a replacement for any third-party exam preparation service subscribers may already be using.
  • Cancellation: There is a no cancellation policy for Passport once purchased. Service schedules/timing can change at any time. Chalk & Board will endeavor to provide advance notice of any schedule change and rescheduling.
  • Non-Transferable: Passport subscriptions are non-transferable.
  • Participation: Subscribers must be able to use the Zoom video conference service (downloadable desktop or mobile app).
  • Passport Level I, Level II, or Level III Subscription: Subscription remains active until the subscriber passes the CFA Level exam to which their Passport Level subscription pertains. However, the subscriber must actively use the service for each consecutive exam year until passing.
  • Passport Lifetime Subscription: Subscription remains active until the subscriber achieves the CFA charter. However, the subscriber must actively use the service for each consecutive exam year until they pass all three Level exams.

Office Hours Process

All questions and explanation requests should be submitted by subscribers to Nathan between the last Office Hours session and 12:00 pm ET on the Monday preceding the next scheduled Office Hours session.

Questions and explanation requests are selected from subscriber submissions based on greatest relevance to the broad subscriber group.

The questions and topics to be covered in the next Office Hours session will be published on the Wednesday preceding the session. Based on the selected questions and topics for the session, an agenda will be posted that indicates the intended time allocation for material under each exam level. Should session time permit, Nathan may take additional ad hoc questions from the group.

Each Office Hours session is a webinar conducted via a Zoom video conference. A link to the conference session will be emailed to attendees on the Wednesday preceding the Office Hours session together with the session agenda.

Each session webinar is recorded and the video is subsequently made available to subscribers on their Passport Level subscriber page. Recorded session videos are available until after the CFA exams are taken.

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