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Chalk & Board candidates have direct support from Lead Instructor, Nathan Ronen, CFA for their course, content, and exam-related questions. Contact Nathan by phone, text, Facetime, or WhatsApp using the phone number below.

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Chalk & Board Collaboration With Candidate Success

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Chalk & Board Collaboration With Candidate Success

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Take a holistic approach to strengthen your position for the CFA® Exam

To all the CFA Candidates waiting for August 6th, this one’s for you!

[New York, NY] The excruciating wait is over and the CFAI will finally deliver the results of your exam performance. With less than 20% of CFA candidates achieving Charter holder status, even the most prepared students can become overwhelmed by the volumes of information needed to pass their exams.

Candidates can easily become disillusioned after trying multiple, abundantly-available, quick-study hacks that invariably fail to deliver successful exam results. Others struggle with the heavy study load on top of the demands of their career and family life. Re-sitting for the CFA exam is both costly and can seriously derail a candidate’s confidence.

The low exam pass rates reported by CFAI compelled CFA exam coaching company, Candidate Success, and Chalk & Board to address this matter with cutting-edge candidate preparation services. Candidate Success provides the mindset coaching component while Chalk & Board provides comprehensive exam content education. For the most recent exam, candidates found that, using the combined services of these two companies, they achieved an extraordinary leg-up with exam preparation.Candidate Success and Chalk & Board have teamed up to collectively coach candidates with the objective of passing all three levels of the CFA Exam on their first try.

“After taking the assessment, I immediately recognized the value of one-on-one tutoring. Together with Candidate Success and Chalk & Board, I quickly identified my style of thinking and which concepts and formulas needed mastering. While preparing for my exam, I was less stressed despite balancing an intense job and two young children. Even on my most over-scheduled days, I leaned on my coaching sessions to avert an anxiety-spinout that would normally cost me valuable study time.”
– Kelly, first-time CFA Level II Candidate

Candidate Success and Chalk & Board are currently on-boarding candidates who want to stop wasting time making costly mistakes when preparing for their CFA Exam.

Candidate Success is a proprietary coaching process that specializes in preparing candidates for the CFA Exam. Candidate Success applies a personality assessment specific for the CFA program to help candidates increase their probability of passing on their next exam.

Chalk & Board, with Lead Instructor Nathan Ronen, CFA, has changed the CFA Program Test Prep Industry worldwide, preparing candidates for all levels of the CFA Exam using the Ronen Methodology. Nathan’s study plan delivers the highest-quality learning experience that places each candidate in the best position to become a charterholder.

Contact Candidate Success or Chalk & Board directly for more information.

Candidate Success Contact for Candidate Success:
Cynthia Harrington, CFA
Managing Director
(424) 781-7069
Candidate Success Contact for Chalk & Board:
Nathan Ronen, CFA
CFA Lead Instructor and Co-Founder
(973) 493-1371

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