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Nathan Ronen, CFA Launches Chalk & Board CFA® Test Prep Company

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Nathan Ronen, CFA Launches Chalk & Board CFA® Test Prep Company

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RED BANK, N.J., March 13, 2018 ( – After 14 years at the helm leading CFA test prep at NYSSA (CFA Society New York) veteran instructor Nathan Ronen, along with co-founder John Sestito, launched Chalk and Board LLC in January 2018 to offer a rich portfolio of CFA educational services tailored for Level I, II, and III candidates.

Ronen, with over 22 years of CFA test prep experience brings his unique teaching methods, the Ronen Methodology, to candidates worldwide via live classes and workshops, webinars, and on-demand videos of his live courses. His unique methodology has enabled thousands of candidates worldwide to pass their CFA exams on their journey to attain the coveted CFA designation.

Ronen’s methodology focuses on helping candidates understand and apply concepts and formulae in the CFA curriculum to answer CFA type questions. Ronen’s method provides continuity of instruction for candidates at all levels.

Ronen stated, “My methodology is to educate and inspire. Be engaging and ensure the candidate can understand and apply what they learn. CFA prep is a word of mouth business. The candidates are bright. They can read. My methodology provides value-added not just bullet points to memorize.”

Co-founder Sestito adds, “Nathan knows what the candidates want, and he has delivered and continues to deliver value-added course offerings. No one can dispute the success of his Feedback on Your Essay Writing workshop which he pioneered in 1998. At the workshop, he provides direct feedback to candidates worldwide on their essays showing them where they’re losing the points and why. It’s a fantastic experience, candidates tell me.”

Ronen also offers problem solving and item set workshops (level I and II). The workshop courses provide critical guidance required to solve item sets or multiple choice questions to pass the exam successfully.

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