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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation and Transfer Policy

Cancellation: Purchases of Bundle packages, Core Curriculum learning and Mock Exams are final and non-refundable.

Transfer: If a candidate needs to transfer to another course due to signing up for the wrong course year or wrong mock exam date, a $100 processing fee will be charged to cover the cost of the transfer.

Professional Behavior

The instructor reserves the right to dismiss candidates without refund who are deemed disruptive, disrespectful or acting in a non-professional manner. Professional behavior must be maintained at all times to provide the best learning environment for all.

Photographs/Video and Audio Recording

Candidates are not allowed to photograph, video record, audio record or DOWNLOAD any part of the video lectures or MOCK Exams without the express permission from Chalk & Board, LLC. Violation of this policy will result in candidate removal from the course and will be reported to CFA Institute for violation of ethical behavior. No refunds will be provided.

Policy Changes

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, please review periodically.

Online Access

Access to Core Curriculum learning and Mock exam products expire after the last exam for that calendar year (Example access to 2023 study material will be removed after the last exam for that level in the year 2023). Promotion may change at any time without prior notice. Chalk & Board LLC releases new product material every year as the CFA Program curriculum changes yearly. Shared use is STRICTLY prohibited. Please adhere to the copyright laws.

Required CFA Institute® disclaimer:

CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by Chalk & Board, LLC. CFA ® and Chartered Financial Analyst ® are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.


All rights reserved. In accordance with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, the scanning, uploading, and electronic sharing of any part of these videos or books without the permission of the publisher constitute unlawful piracy and theft of the author’s intellectual property.

These materials may not be copied without written permission from the author. The unauthorized duplication of these notes is a violation of global copyright laws and the CFA Institute Code of Ethics. Your assistance in pursuing potential violators of this law is appreciated.

Copyright © 2023 Chalk & Board, LLC. All rights reserved.
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