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Test your essay skills

Level III candidates test your essay writing skills.  Read the essay and submit your response. Nathan will provide grading and value-added comments within 72 hours.


  1. Read the essay carefully

    Dear Candidate,

    To demonstrate the value of our CFA(R) Level III Essay Mock Exams, below is a sample essay for you to practice your essay answers (aka constructive responses). If interested, respond to the essay based on the prompt provided. Upon receipt of your response, Nathan Ronen, CFA will grade your response and give you feedback.



    The sample essay contains only Part A.  Please provide your response to Part A (below) and allow yourself a maximum of 6 minutes (time yourself).

    Coady Coffey is a CFA Level III candidate and works as a Junior Investment Analyst for a large investment bank in the United States. Having worked for three years since graduating from university, Coffey has accumulated some savings and has set up a personal investment portfolio using an online stockbroker approved by his employer. He plans to continue building these funds for the next 10-15 years before using them to purchase a house outside of the city. In his current portfolio, he holds 30% in emerging market stocks, listed in Brazil and Russia. His rationale for choosing stocks from these two emerging markets was mainly influenced by above-average World Bank economic growth forecasts. Using the MSCI BRIC Index as his universe of stocks for selection, he identified specific stocks that he believed were most attractive. 

    A. In addition to economic growth forecasts, briefly describe two other analysis techniques or approaches that Coffey could use to evaluate the emerging market portion of his investment portfolio.

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  2. Fill in all the requested information and type your essay response in the box provided

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  3. Submit your essay response. The response will be sent directly to Nathan.
  4. Nathan will send his grading and comments to the email address you provided within 72 hours.
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